Turning Chaos into Calm

Author & Speaker - Andrea Brundage

Andrea Brundage Author Professional Organizer

Turning Chaos into Calm

Author & Speaker - Andrea Brundage


Andrea Brundage is a professional organizer, productivity consultant, and author. She founded Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) after years in administrative management and accounting. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she embarked on her journey with SOS after spending years streamlining and creating systems in the corporate world.


  • Andrea speaks to audiences of all sizes who are overwhelmed with clutter, piles of paper, bulging cabinets and closets.


  • From overwhelmed homeowners to downsizing seniors, and from home office entrepreneurs to corporate executives, Andrea’s organizational topics are relevant, impactful, and informative.


  • Her mission is to inspire, educate, and empower people who want to create intentional, supportive spaces, both at home and at the office.


  • For those who feel they are beyond help, Andrea calmly responds, “Organization is a teachable skill. By using the real stories, and by sharing my proven organizing principles; people who attend my talks often walk away feeling inspired, equipped, and eager to tackle even the toughest projects.”


Topics can be tailored to address your particular audience.

Entrepreneurs and busy professionals often find themselves overwhelmed in the busyness of the business and they do not take the time to ensure their workspace supports their success. In this workshop, you will get organizational tips, techniques, and re-introduced to tools that will help you function in an intentional and supportive office space.

Identify your time management personality and learn ways to optimize and regain control of your 24/7.

Downsizing is a popular topic for retirees, however everyone should strive to live “rightsized.” That means purging out things you no longer want, love, or use. It also means creating supportive spaces, no matter the square footage. If there are areas in your home that are cluttered and/or filled with boxes of stuff, it’s time to rightsize and tidy up your space. Andrea shares tips and techniques to help you with the decision-making process so you can downsize, rightsize, and tidy up.

If you are running on empty, overwhelmed and exhausted because your life and your work are out of balance, then this workshop is for you. Learn how to take back control of your life, create a supportive environment, and stake boundaries to protect your time so you can get closer to a life in balance.

Educational workshops and presentations on organizing topics for the individual and for the business owner.

Lighten the load. Experts report a correlation between clutter and stress. If you feel burdened and stressed by the amount of stuff in your space, you will love this presentation.


Andrea is a super coach. I’m a new organizer and she patiently helped me by answering many questions to build a stronger foundation for my business. Our sessions were very informative.

Tammy Lopez

Andrea is the go to person to for organizing your life and business! She is a wealth of information and knowledge and will truly help you turn your "chaos into calm"....a MUCH needed service for us "crazy" ADHD type business owners. You're the BEST Andrea!

Misty Kortes

Andrea is amazing! Her ideas and concepts for organization take hours of mindless nonsense and turns them into major productive minutes. Her classes are a MUST for everyone! She gets an A+ rating in my book!

Jennifer S.


    Andrea has been published, interviewed, or featured on these platforms & others


    Andrea’s book, Simplify Your Life: 8 Simple Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm is a must-have tool for your organizational success.

    In Simplify Your Life: 8 Simple Principles to Turn Your Chaos Into Calm you will learn how to:

    • Simplify your life
    • Identify problems areas
    • Make “me” time
    • Plan ahead
    • Let go of excess
    • Involve your people, and be inspired because
    • You can do it!

    If you’re tired of the chaos and ready for some calm, Simplify Your Life: 8 Simple Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm can help.

    Are you ready to turn your chaos into calm?

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